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How to use this tool: 

A combination of our videos and handouts provide: Repetition, Faded cues, Various combinations for group needs, Customization for individual needs

1. Watch the full version video                                                                               

2. Reinforce learning by watching the specific video that best meets your learner’s needs, i.e. picture icon, signing icon, or words only video.              

3. Use the corresponding downloadable page.                                                 

4. Pick the icon/word bank that would be most beneficial for your learner.   

5. Use the dotted lines to cut or fold back the icon/word banks that your learner does not need.                                                                                          

6. Have your learner use the selected icon/word bank to fill in the missing blanks on the page by cutting out and pasting.                                                 

7. Repeat as many times as needed and fade cues as your learner is able in order to support memorization.

Videos provide support for every type of learner:     

Auditory through song                        

Visual through picture icons and viewing sign language model        

Reading/Writing through written words      

Kinesthetic/Tactile through practicing sign language with the model 

Handouts provide support for every type of learner:                                                                                                                                              

Auditory through Scripture read aloud                                       

Visual through the written verse and visual icons                              

Reading/Writing through a word bank                                       

Kinesthetic/Tactile through the cut/paste activity of filling in blanks

Handouts (print both a “Scripture Worksheet and an “Icon Worksheet” for each day)

Scripture Worksheets

Icon Worksheet

Videos (play corresponding day and learning style)

Auditory- Full Video

Visual- Picture Icons

Kinesthetic/Tactile- ASL (for signing) icons

Reading/Writing- Words & Music Only

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