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Gear oil is used in the tractor transmission/rear axle and if the tractor has 4 wheel drive it us used in the front axle. Most Lift manufacturers will recommend a few different types of hydraulic oil that can be used in their lifts. The seepage effect can be observed by the blue-white smoke commonly seen when a radial engine starts up. Q: I was given a rough 300 John Deere lawn tractor but it has a blown engine. Use the accompanying illustrations to overhaul the Hydro-Boost system. flush the tanks and install a new oil filter. Drops a little oil from the middle of the machine, but no big deal. Luckily, tractors have relatively small hydraulic systems and few hydraulic components. While you are at it, wash out the air filter that is under the breather cap and soak it in clean oil. oil hd 32 material safety data sheet adams elevator hyd. * *DO NOT USE TEFLON TAPE ON PIPE THREAD FITTINGS Pump is hot. Please refer to the specific Cub Cadet product Operator's Manual for product specific information and lubrication requirements. Remove the primer bulb It shouldn't matter if the return line is submerged or not. com Page 3: Table Of Contents Troubleshooting . I have some type of gear lube leaking out at the rear edge of the prop intake grating. Pump and 12V DC Motor are manufactured by Parker. Not doing so could cause the hydro pump to fail due to contamination Today while cleaning up from our Michigan storm my 318 started to pour hydro fluid from the top of the steering column. use of any other type of filter will result in damage to the hydro system and void the warranty. Life expectancy will vary by product, how the product is used, and the quality of maintenance and service during the life of the product. Sometimes, oil on the outside of the case where the axles enter will be the only indication of a problem. chemical product and company identification Modify your Jeep, truck, muscle car or off-road vehicle with cylinders, tie-rods and other high quality steering components from PSC Motorsports. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. What type of hydro fluid are you running in your MTD splitters? What type of hydro fluid in splitter. If the rubber transfer case seals dry out or crack they can leak gear oil or transmission fluid. Fixing a hydraulic leak might be as simple as tightening a hose fitting. L. The original Type "A" fluid that these transmissions take is available only at O'Reilly Auto Parts. Do not allow air to enter the oil lines in the bottom of the tank. The purpose of the needle valve is to control the amount of fuel flow into the carburetor. An alignment… Lawn mower leaking oil from the air filter? The most common reason oil is leaking from a lawn mower air filter is too much oil in the engine, but it can also happen when the mower has been on its side. Hydro-Gear 510-0500 for Toro 92-9790 Lawn Tractor Used Hydro-Gear Transmission Removed from: Toro lawn tractor Condition: used, good usable. Enter your model number in the search box above or just choose from the list below. The gear oil that you buy should say on the label that it is "yellow One of these parts crying for care by leaking gear oil all over the driveway or garage floor is an axle seal. I have read some of the forum replies saying to put in hydro gear transmission oil, but I cannot find any place to do this. 2 When your alignment technician inspects a vehicle’s steering linkage, it’s very easy to spot a leaking rack and pinion steering gear because the rack boots are filled with leaking oil. Parts lookup for Hydro Gear power equipment is simpler than ever. A surefire way to determine if the leaking oil in question is engine or gear oil is to follow your nose. World leader in lawn and garden industry. Excessive amounts of oil can get onto the clutch plates and then ruin the clutch, so if there is a lot of oil then you would need to split the tractor and replace the seals. Engineered specifically to meet the tough applications of heavy-duty farm and industrial equipment as well as commercial and residential lawn tractors. its defiantly coming from the right side. I have an LS170 that I was using around the farm. filter also serves as the oil drain. Fixed my leaking transmission oil leak. Proven performance using patented technology, Guaranteed quality for less. PLUS IT IS WHINING. ZT-3100 Hydrostatic Drive Systems Posted on January 22, 2014 by Admin With extensive research and design work, backed by a long history of providing transaxles with superior power and efficiency, Hydro-Gear’s hydrostatic drive systems are often the first choice of residential and commercial equipment customers across HydroDrives. The model numbers of these machines are 938001-938019, 938117, 938300-938307, and 938400. ) and can fill a cylinder with enough oil to hydrolock it. Oil The other downfall of Roto HydraMatic was the extreme oil pressures in the small 8" fluid coupling which caused transmission leaks. Fits 105, 107, 109, New Hydro-Gear Gerotor & Housing Assembly PN/ 50761 USE HG-50761. Hydro-Gear® transmissions are among the best selling and most popular in the US and worldwide because of their low price and high quality. USE ONLY HYDRO-GEAR OR BAD. Holding the replacement filter upright to avoid spillage, screw it on the oil filter adapter by hand until the gasket on the filter makes contact. Use in new units to stop initial wear and increase fluid life. 4 Oil Filters Hydro Gear Transmission Exmark Disassemble hydro gear transaxle 718-0255a 313. Pump is noisy. Learn more about Biodiesel Fuels. Heavy-Duty is an Understatement. This creates extreme pressure (EP) requirements for gear unit lube oils. 7. Question is does this axle have seals on the shafts or does it seal at the diff like a front? It's a c clip axle so I was not sure on how these work. the oil has to be coming from the gentrans transmission. Hydrostatic Lawn Tractors Recalled by Hydro-Gear Due to Crash Hazard . BOY HYDRO FILTERS. Sealing the gear oil inside the gearcase, and keeping water from intruding into the gearcase are the two aims of all the shaft seals, o-rings, spaghetti seals and gaskets in a lower unit. reinstall new filters and skid plates. You gotta find a pressurized oil galley for lube. My Bad Boy zero turn had been leaking hydraulic oil for this entire past season. . It has always leaked a little oil but nothing that even amounted to anything. hydro gear 44121 bearing hydro gear 44132 puck, brake hydro gear 44139 trust bearing hydrogear 44147 ball bearing hydro gear 44276 bolt, patch lok hydro gear 44358 gear, diff. 2. I figured it might slow the leak, especially with the weather getting colder. 95 shipping It looks like this ExMark hydro oil is also a 15W-50, and a group III oil. Hustler Hydrostatic Pumps available online and ready to ship direct to your door. Also even if the return line was leaking, there's no way it was sucking in air since the return would be under slight positive pressure whenever there is flow in the system. they say this CVT transmission is completely sealed and there is no place to add oil. 72t (splined) hydrogear 44366 bolt, hex st 1/4-20x2-1/2 hydro gear 44371 washer, flat 0. They are PJ series by Hydro-Gear. ) Auger Gear Case Lubricant. 8 in a vehicle. damn i didnt know this. Having just had shoulder surgery on (12-1) I'm a working with one arm and a little sore to start tearing into this yet. Category HYDRO GEAR TRANSAXLE ZT-3100 External oil filter for Hydro gear oil change I was always told Dont change it unless it is leaking or dripping . I called the service dept. Not doing so could cause the hydro pump to fail due to contamination in the system. – The U. The Each individual transmission model requires specific fluid for proper operation. When I start it up and slip it into gear the tractor will not move. mymowerparts. I would like to rebuild the hydro gear rather than shelling out almost 1/3 the price of the mower for 1 gear. I purged it according to the manual and still not working. Tighten securely. Free tech support. Some aeration of the oil is possible with the return above the oil level in the tank but it won't be problematic. ZT-3100 Hydrostatic Drive Systems Posted on January 22, 2014 by Admin With extensive research and design work, backed by a long history of providing transaxles with superior power and efficiency, Hydro-Gear’s hydrostatic drive systems are often the first choice of residential and commercial equipment customers across Some 2,700 lawn tractors are affected in the U. Recently lost an input seal on the pump. this valve can interfere with the charge pump's ability to draw oil into the hydro. The most absolute most common symptom of a problem with a front output shaft seal is fluid leaking from the front of the transfer case. Ariens recommends using a high quality, 2-cycle oil mixed with fuel at a ratio of 50:1 (2. 16cc pumps feature a 60% larger displacement than the 10cc pumps used by some other "commercial" mowers on the market today. Hy-Gard not only meets the requirements for JDM J20 but exceeds it. Tips for hydro-seeder Maintenance Courtesy of Emerald Equipment. I assume there is a gasket between the pump and the frame ? Would appreciate any advice on fixing this Center housing Hydrostat Oil Filter nipple pipe PN/ IH-394868-R1 USE SU-3101069. The oil can get so hot that it melts the hydro tanks. Service Interval: For initial break-in, change transmission oil at 50 hours of operation. 95 318 leaking hydro fluid; There is a rubber hose that goes from the oil fill cap to the front of the transaxle under the oil filter. PK-3HBQ-FV1F-XXXX DOPPK-3HBQ-FV1F-XXXX Hydro Gear Hydraulic Pump No. The oil level should be down 1 ¼” – 1 ½” from the top of the housing. I'm thinking its time to replace the front seal, harmonic, etc. 44775, 45045 - $189. WASHINGTON, D. Steering Start the engine and check for oil leaks around. and say that it's better as an "all temperature oil" I *500-hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met: 1. Change oil as recommended by your implement or tractor manufacturer. Ran 50 weight Valvoline Racing oil (remember, it has to be a non-detergent motor oil specifically) for years and had very good luck. I know the cadet doesn't operate under the same loads but they do run at a higher rpm and use the same transmission. For Cross Series 40, 50, 50G, 50T, 53 & 60 Gear Pumps and Motors. Hydro-Gear Illustrated Parts Lists available online from LawnMowerPros. With a Hydro Gear Transaxle - Model# 0310-0650. Hydro gear zt 3100 problems mower transmission left hand new home rz 19 oem part our item your price now hydro gear zt 3100 bln 0045 p1 pdf hydro gear leaking hydro gear zt 2800 3100 how to rebuild sner pro 5901609. Go figure. com provides new Hydro-Gear® and Tuff Torq® replacement units for all the major manufacturers such as Exmark, Ariens, Gravely, Craftsman, Honda, Husqvarna, John Deere, MTD, Snapper and Toro. Dual, Independent Hydro-Gear Integrated Transaxles. Bi-directional design can run up to 3 slides. S. Re: Hydraulic Oil Tank Repair If this crack is growing, something is causing that, what about making a new tank that you could bolt into place where the old take was, cut part of the old tank off using the sides as mounting for the new tank. Changing Engine Oil: Park RTV on level surface and lift the bed. $692. Connect all power steering hydraulic lines (fluid pressure, steering gear and return) to the Hydro-Boost. Hustler Hydraulic pumps, Wheel motors, hydro drive system parts, gasket kits, seal kits. It was pretty dark brown in color - but it didn't smell like it was burnt at all. Leaking oil onto the mower and that fan is blowing oil up into the air cleaner. Fill with new oil to the upper groove of the dispstick. In order to elicit high performance and machine life, optimal oil formulations are required to Chevrolet 3500 Pickup Power Brake Units May Leak Fluid From Hydro-Boost Unit - 36 reports. Not doing so could cause the and cap the return port of the gear with a high pressure fitting. There may be physical mounting differences like the timing case face pattern, gear size, or pump orientation for clearance. We are an Authorized Hydro-Gear Service Center carrying a large selection of Hydro-Gear repair parts. 1 / 5 10139 - adams elevator hyd. Loan it to a friend to use for a commercial mulching job. k57r transmission in a husqvarna yta24v48. com hydro stat transmissions or hydraulic systems (Acura-ized Honda civic), had been leaking oil How do you know if you're using the right hydraulic oil? For most lubricated machines, there are plenty of options when it comes to lubricant selection. Toro Dingo Hydraulic System Parts, hydraulic filter, valve, v belt, hydraulic lift cylinder tilt cylinder seal kit coupler nipple pump Transmission fluid versus gear oil — is there a difference? Automatic transmission fluid is a type of detergent oil that helps remove debris. Click the Search Button to See More Results. Kubota has released B20 and B5 fuels for certain models. We offer replacement hydro pumps for Ferris lawn mowers at great prices here at PSEP. Saw a bit of a leak on the top bung, went to remove it to seal it up. The Scag Turf Tiger features dual Hydro-Gear 16cc hydraulic pumps. Gears should be continuously lubricated, at the same time, lube oil must be kept clean. Remove the dirt and water seal from the steering gear. If you are concerned about a leaking axle seal, here are 2 things to look out for: Oil puddle under car. I drained the old oil by using a hand-held vaccum pump going through the fill hole on the top of the tranny. This is a less expensive way to manufacture mowers, however, the extra cost of the synthetic oil (synthetic oil is normally 4-5 times the cost of standard oil) is a burden you, the customer, will have to pay. Hydro-gear ZT-2800 Issues Hi All, It started to happen more often so I changed the oil in both and replace it with 20w50 as the manual stated. C. this shall be hydro-gear's sole and maximum liability and under no circumstances shall hydro-gear be liable for liquidated, special, incidental or Product Description Hydro Pump Seal Kit / Hydro Gear 2513018 Pack Size:1 Hydro Gear 2513018, Ariens 58800300, Toro 80-6130, Exmark 80-6130, Hydro Gear BDP-10L JThomas sk-40 Proven performance using patented technology, World leader in lawn and garden industry, Guaranteed quality for less, 6 months parts and labor warranty from date of installation, When ordering and replacing a hydro pump troubleshooting the Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 (EZT®) and ZT-2100 Integrated Zero-Turn Transaxle. Put drain plug back in when oil has drained. Runs and operates good. We had to order two, one for each transmission. ZT-3400Integrated For more information about Hydro-Gear or our products . Quality of the oil is determined by the manufacturer. the seals are leaking in the rear axles on my lawn mower. our local parts shop has sold me lots of 20-50 oil and i always seem to have an oil leak some were. Enter your Hydro Gear model number below. 3. The transmission fluid in an “N”:-series tractor lubricates the transmission, differential, rear wheel bearings, PTO and hydraulic pump drive, and it also cats as the working fluid for the hydraulic lift. If replacing the power piston/accumulator, dispose of the old one as shown. I bought a used mower that is only 2 years old and 1100 hours. Oil seals find great deal of usage in gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders, etc. front axle gear oil or super udt My BX2200 book says I can use either Super UDT or SAE80 or SAE90. One extreme to the other if you ask me. 32 $589. Hydro-Craft® breather plugs permit free flow of air and provide filtering and oil separation for gear cases which are vented to atmosphere R8488 - Ball Bearing For Dixon 1701 Replaces BEARING RA100RR BOBCAT/RANSOM 38348-01 BUNTON-GOODALL PL7323 CUB CADET 455102-R21, 586609-R92, 60069-C91, 60071-C91, IH-60071-C91, IH60071C92 GM Hydro-Boost units may be rebuilt. I still run gear oil in mine with GL5 EP specs. Just because a machine will run with a particular product doesn't mean that product is optimal for the application. It will give you more power and extend the life of the tranny. There is oil all in the frame. Fluid should be no less than 1/4 inch from the fill cap to work properly. The transaxle holds 80 ounces of 20W50 motor oil. Somewhere in the swing gear. Ensuring the pump is on a level surface, fill the crankcase until the oil level is in the center of the red dot. 44775, 45045part # 62877replaces the following numbers:4477545045 fits the following models: 140343 140073 163198 1714699 1715763 224-310l 227-3010l228-3010l 230-3010l 718-0241 718-0241a 718 Use Only Genuine SCAG Parts! ScagParts. Most now recommend 10W30 because of the improvements in oil and the additive packages. What type of oil should I use in my Hydro-Gear unit? 21 Sep 2018 I have a Hustler Fastrak 48”. SAVE; Cub Cadet hydrostatic tractors use hydraulic pressure to power the transmission I have a Troybilt Mustang 50in and i need to add oil to the transmission however after looking on Hydro-Gear website there is two places to add oil on top of the transmission. which caused the oil to create Add your gear oil back into the gearbox using the oil pump. I will most likely get a Re-power set up from you when the time comes. Replacement Commercial Parts Warehouse has an extensive parts catalog of over 1. Hydro-Gear parts - Hydro-Gear transmission Parts, Diagrams and Serice/Repair Manuals Please enjoy and always Peace, disposable oil container. As with many procedures that involve access to the carburetor, please consult your owner’s manual for your specific model’s details. For proper ordering, reference Hydro Gear part number stamped on hydro pump When ordering and replacing a hydro pump, always replace the wheel motor and lines, flush the tanks and install a new oil filter. This recall involves Cub Cadet, MTD Gold and Troy-Bilt lawn tractors sold with Hydro-Gear model 618-0319 and 618-04270B transaxles. Sometimes having the dealer change the transmission oil will help (they need to remove the transmissions to do this!). It started leaking oil from the charge pump cover last year. At first it was just small drop. 365 day returns. Truth is the tranny should have this oil from the get go. My wife went online and narrowed it down to this part that we needed. My craftsman stop moving forward or backward after finishing the front lawn. I called the Tech Support on my manual number and got Sears, they told me to put in 80 oz. or Belarus Tractor of Canada. Find the Hydro-Gear transmission and pump rebuild or repair parts you need, at discount wholesale prices from RCPW. Went to the hydro gear website and found my model under the 310-0510 The hydrostatic transmission in your lawn tractor requires servicing that includes draining the old hydrostatic oil, changing the filter and adding new hydrostatic oil. WHERE AND HOW DO I CHECK THE - Answered by a verified Technician If you're looking for quality Hydro-Gear parts to fix your transaxle, transmission or hydraulic pump, you've come to the right place. 75. The initial problem was the right side drive would only work with minimal load but when full power was applied forward or reverse it would not drive. Machine uses only Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel. Lawn mower leaking gas from the primer bulb? The primer bulb is perished and has split, mice like to eat them also. There is no other source of oil around this area. At body section. For proper ordering, reference Hydro Gear part number stamped on hydro pump; When ordering and replacing a hydro pump, always replace the wheel motor and lines, flush the tanks and install a new oil filter. R8488 - Ball Bearing For Dixon 1701 Replaces BEARING RA100RR BOBCAT/RANSOM 38348-01 BUNTON-GOODALL PL7323 CUB CADET 455102-R21, 586609-R92, 60069-C91, 60071-C91, IH-60071-C91, IH60071C92 GM Hydro-Boost units may be rebuilt. If it is leaking, you will find fuel in the oil. How does a hydrostatic transmission work? My hydrostatic transmission appears to be leaking. Your data is encrypted. For general maintenance information, refer to the Check Points Maintenance Schedule. Headquartered in Sullivan, IL, Hydro-Gear is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision drive solutions for the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. a very sorry situation. My hydro gear ZT 3100 is leaking oil on the left side. Remove the steering column from the input shaft of the steering gear. THE RIGHT TRANSMISSION IS LEAKING HYDROSTATIC FLUID. Find the best companies in category: Hydro Gear and Keystone Rv, Forest River vs Keystone Rv, Keystone Rv vs Heartland Rvs. Hydro-Gear itself is next useless, used to be other! A large dealer still had the info, be aware that conflicting fluid recommendations exist. My front axle seals are leaking on the machine and I was considering putting in the thicker gear oild to see if it slows it down rather than go through the hassle of tearing it down. New Cub Cadet tractors require a hydrostatic fluid change after the first 10 hours of use. 512 ID There is a possibility that the hydrostatic transaxle could be low enough on oil that it is not driving the lawn tractor. 3/4/500 eaton 11 hydrostatic transmission - wh transaxle table of contents – page 2 of 2 repair operations general information hydraulic hoses - hydraulic lift control valve removal installation transmission removal pulley, gear and cam plate removal installation transaxle in-vehicle service case half service intermediate gear and I have a 2001 Sea Doo GTI. Ariens has used several lubricants in auger gear cases including grease and gear oil over the years. A call to Hydro-Gear, an outside supplier that manufactures the drive system, confirmed that at least two other tractor The Hydro-Gear transmissions require oil (transmission fluid) to operate the hydrostatic pumps that power the individual rear wheels. Hydraulics for Dixie Chopper lawn mowers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help finding the correct replacement part for your mower. No maintenance is required on this transmission. For IZ1500 to Ferris Walk behind Hydro Drives. Change it with the proper lube the manual calls for( either ATF or OIL) and forget about sythetic. and has Hydro Gear EZT Transaxle drive motors model ZC. Not knowing the exact dimensions of this, it may/may not come a little closer to the engine mounts. All HydraMatic transmissions suffer some shift quality with today's ATF fluid. On the late styled Model B there is no breather; the oil goes in through the plug on top of the big gear cover on the pulley side of the main case. Brings it back after 1/2 a day. 6-oz oil per 1 gallon of gasoline. 512 ID 2513018 - Genuine Hydro Gear Seal Kit for PL Pumps Seal Kit for PL Pumps Includes: 2000044 CHARGE PUMP SHIM 2003016 RING, WIRE RETAINING . Our Tuff tech oil is best (187Q0899000) but to try to see if it will run any will do. The oil you would want to use is 5W-50 synthetic motor oil. Went to do the back lawn, applied the brake, disengaged the blades got off the tractor to move some obstacles, got back on, engaged the blades released the brake and nothing, no reverse no forward just a loud screech whenever I move the selector from neutral to forward or reverse. use only hydro-gear or bad boy hydro filters. Damaged   This is a New OEM Hydro - Gear transmission Inboard Oil Retention Kit, # 72827. Would just regular oil do or could I even use some multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid? The anti-drain back valve in a car filter keeps oil in the engine oil galleys for faster start-up lubrication. Even the manual does not indicate where. The Lippert 141111 Hydraulic Power Unit With 2QT Pump Reservoir Kit Model 643150 is a replacement power unit compatible with most Lippert Hydraulic slide-out systems. Fluid not required to replen- Hydro-Gear Number. This article describes what is an oil seal, types of oil seal materials, lip seals, shaft seals, Viton Seals, construction of oil seal. We stock Hydro-Gear parts. Use correct fittings and proper oil as noted in this technical service manual. new genuine oem hydro gear part # 62877 brake shaft ; rep. Motor oil is the same ie 5w30 make it easier for the motor to start but when heat and friction starts the oil gets thicker to stick better/longer. Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 vs. Gear unit lubricants should perform satisfactory for gear systems as well as gear unit bearings. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil flter, 4. valve covers leaking, fixed it. FILTERS AND SKID PLATES. An easy answer would be the hose from the oil resevoir, but this is clean and claer. Welcome to Bates Corporation. Hydro-Gear 52114 Oil Filter. Not doing so could cause LS170 Leaking Hydro Oil Posted: 04/28/2013 11:41 AM: Here is a new one that has stumped me a bit. Drained the oil, changed the filter, and filled her up with 5 qts synthetic + 1 qt LUCAS ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK. The drivetrain specialists at East Coast Gear Supply offer discount warehouse prices on diff covers, drive flanges, axle shafts, lockers, install kits, spider gears, differentials, install kits, bumpers and more from ARB, Dana 60, solid, plus ARB bumpers Differential gears axle sales service repair Raleigh, Durham NC i have removed the clutch slave cylinder cover on my 2 stroke ktm sx125 2003 model as when the engine was hot and the gear oil had thinned it appeared to be leaking. This is my first 8. Engine oil seeps down under gravity into the cylinder through various means (through the rings, valve guides, etc. Hytran does have the capacity to capture moisture and suspend it. For proper ordering, reference Hydro Gear part number stamped on hydro pump. So I did. Hydro-gear 319-2400 (not the 310-2400 that I fat fingered last night) It was leaking oil right before I pulled it apart but still had a quart or better oil in it and the pump/motor still seemed to be operating normally without any unusual noises. what i want to know is if the gear oil could come through the slave in the first place? i dont think it was coming from the clutch housing so i presumed it could only be from Hey all, Last year I replaced the 2-piece oil tank on my '01 GS, with a 1-piece oil tank from a '96 GSX, as I didn't want to deal with the 2-piece tank leaking again (Why they went from a 1-piece tank to a 2-piece is beyond me!) Hydro Tek Parts Breakdown and Exploded Views 2015. AW-32 is neither "better nor worse" than AW-46. Buy Lucas Oil 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak - 1 Quart at Walmart. I’ve got a boom cyd leaking so I’ve had to add hyd oil at times, but it’s more of a drip so can run for 20 hrs and still be oil in Site glass. It seems to be leaking around the top of the hydro pump, where it bolts to the frame ( 4 bolts ) I tightened the bolts, which helped, but I still have a bit of leak. Biodiesel Fuel. Motor Oil. In the service manual, and at the hydro manufacturer, you are told if your tractor is used in extreme or heavy duty situations it's best to drain the oil and replace it with 10W-50 synthetic motor oil (like mobil). The bevel gear on my 1480 pto was loose on the shaft which set up an odd vibration that caused the shaft pilot stub to wear mostly on one side. This kit contains the parts necessary to eliminate leaking at the brake shaft. I have checked inside the unit, and there is no sign of any fluids leaking from anywhere. ) replace the filler bolt once again turning it by hand for a few revolutions. Since Chinese tractors use "yellow metal" for some parts the gear oil must be yellow metal safe. use in small engines, riding mower engines, tractor engines and other products that use Hydro-Gear. i think im goin to have a mechanic take a look at it The oil can either be leaking from the engine or the transmission side of the clutch housing. Lubricants in gear units are subject to shock loads and associated overloading. No oil in reservoir. First problem I had was the hydraulic fluid leaking out of the fittings that were loose on the front end loader minutes after I used it for the first time. We carry a full selection of all SCAG Mower Parts at the lowest prices online. These riding mowers give you professional-level quality for your residential needs. Causes Of Power Steering Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak was formulated to renew hydraulic fluid with an additive package that stops seal leaks, boosts pressure, reduces operating temperatures and increases the life of hoses, rams and cylinders. Hydraulic Safety: A relief or bypass in your hydraulic system is necessary to prevent pump from breakage due to over-pressurization. If you suspect any transmission problems, please contact your authorized dealer. Check for excessive contamination or wear. Yellow metal is copper, brass, bronze etc. noticed black gear oil is leaking out of my right rear axle tractor only has 60 hours on it after i replace the axle seal how do i top off the gear oil that leaked out and what weight oil do i use? and what part number is the axle seal. and another 130 in Canada. 75 after 5% discount at checkout & only $7. now i have a leak coming somewere from the upper head studs under the tins im changing it tomorrow!!! I'm not an expert but on the cub cadet side. Rider 175 AWD and Rider 155 AWD use 10w-40 non-synthetic engine oil. This pump is located at the front bearing pedestal of the HP turbine. com TRANSMISSON Hydro Gear® Hydrostatic Wheel Drive ZT2200 2513018 - Genuine Hydro Gear Seal Kit for PL Pumps Seal Kit for PL Pumps Includes: 2000044 CHARGE PUMP SHIM 2003016 RING, WIRE RETAINING . Need advice on a dealing with a blown head gasket? Oil Leak? Cracked block or leaking radiator? The lower the number, the thinner the oil and the more easily it flows. [Oil temperature should not exceed 140º F (60º C)] Oil foaming. Ok so we noticed gear oil on the passenger rim. Specializing in IH tractor parts from the 1940’s to the present carrying new replacement, used & rebuilt tractor parts. How much oil does my Cat Pump require? All Cat Pumps pressure wash pumps feature a oil bubble gauge located on the rear cover at the crankcase. With oil formulated from high-quality base stocks combined with modern performance additives, you can expect your Hydro-Gear drive systems to continue to perform under a wide variety of demanding I had a dealer tell me that they don't rebuild the hydrogears for zero turn mower. Transaxle Leaks Oil. For information or questions about Hydro-Gear dealers and warranty, please visit: Hydro-Gear. I've wiped the oil away to have it reappear. Joel New Genuine Hydro Gear 72827 Inboard Oil Retention Kit, Fix leaking brake shaft! Brand New · Hydro-Gear. The part was very  troubleshooting the Hydro-Gear ZT-2800® and. Checking Transmission (Z225) The Z225 transmission is a sealed component. Injectors leaking externally due to a cracked body must be replaced. REINSTALL NEW. This summer it has been getting worse and worse. Start-up Procedure The following start-up procedure should always be fol- I have a hydro-gear BDP-10 pump on an Exmark Lazer Z mower. The mechanic that did the work explaned that the replacement gear and shaft were fitted much tighter to prevent the problem from happening again. Be careful transmission oil, each manufacturer establishes a minimum requirement that oil should meet for use in their equipment. Linkage (Booster) System • 3 Pressure Hose Assemblies • 1 Return Hose Assembly Hydro Gear HGM-15E-3051 Wheel Motor EXMARK LAZER Z AND TORO Z MASTERS, ARIENS/GRAVELY PRO-MASTER, SNAPPER MID MOUNT Z RIDERS. Hydro-Gear’s Transaxle Oil Service Kits contain everything you need to optimize the performance and extend the life of your machine's transaxles. We have Genuine OEM and Aftermarket Hydro-Gear replacement parts ready to ship direct to your door. 050" (210-1000) hydro gear 44539 brake band hydro gear 44540 brake drum Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 vs. Most lubricant mis Gear Control Valve (in Pinion Housing) Pressure and Return Rack Piston Control Valve A12 There are five major systems using power steering hose assemblies: Linkage (or Booster), Power As-sisted Rack and Pinion, Remote Reservoir, Hydro-Boost and Integral. 1. If too much oil is added, oil will spit from the red fill cap. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. Start and run mower until oil level is reduced down to about 2” of oil remaining in the tank. – John Deere has established a JDM J20 specification for minimum tractor performance hydraulic fluid. when i checked it on my luch break there was oil leaking from behind the prop. Gear oil and hydraulic oil are two different fluids that come under the category of lubricants. I'm looking to purchase my own loader (been using my fathers yanmar for a while). ExMark claims you can run it for twice the initial amount of hours compared to Mobil 1 15W-50, ExMark oil @ 500 Hours, Mobil 1 @ 250 Hours. Missing one fan blade. Hydro-Gear 52114 Spin-on Oil Filter leaking transmission oil Page 1 Hydro Gear Parts or New Units Call 606-678-9623 or 606-561-4983 ZT-5400 Powertrain™ Service and Repair Manual BLN-0014 August 2010 www. To check the oil level measure from the top of the transaxle housing to the oil. Cub Cadet and Troy-Bilt tractors included in this recall have dates of manufacture (DOM) ranging from December 2010 through March 2011. Use only 20w50 motor oil in the hydro system. then tighten it and torque it using a torque wrench. If you don't do Oil thinning, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure; Hydro lock, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure; External injector leaks is a fire hazard and cannot be fixed. Service & Support You Can Trust. Hydro Gear , D-3666, Hydro Gear is the leading manufacturer of precision hydraulic drive systems for commercial and residential lawn mowers. The one thing they all have in common is their life-blood; hydrolic oils. Well I have a 2011 malibu, I just noticed oil leaking from the rear bushing of the left control arm. 5qt holding capacity of the ZT-3100's, so they're less apt to have heat related issues. I looked up layout of pump on hydro gear website and behind the linkage theres a seal that seems like the problem. DESCRIPTION. Hydrotex formula significantly reduces gear box failure due to loss of lubricant from worn or leaking seals; Eliminate interruptions in the irrigation cycle due to gear box and seal failure; Wipe out the demanding physical job of replacing gear boxes during the growing season. When we got an oil change, he said it's "leaking, but not out of fluid or low". NOTE: Fluid change for the Swedish Riders needs to be performed by an authorized Husqvarna Service dealer due to the complexities of the drive system. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan, 2. Chevrolet Suburban 2500 Power Brake Units May Leak Fluid From Hydro-Boost Unit - 117 reports. When ordering and replacing a hydro pump, always replace the wheel motor and lines, flush the Details about Hydro Gear 72274 Charge Pump Kit FIXES Leaky Charge Pumps ZT2800 ZT3100 ZT3400 . I rinsed it out with a little gas, then let it drain completely. My Dad has a 1973 12 auto that he bought new in 73 and it has over 2500 hours on it. Other than filling it with oil and trying it you will not know if it is working or not. the predecessor to the Hydro-Gear brand. Do I need to replace rear differential if it's leaking? as long as there is The purpose of the axle seal is to keep transmission fluid from leaking. Gear Oil . A: Any time I hear about a hydro slowing down more and more as the oil gets warmer and warmer, it tells me that oil is bypassing internally and that calls for a complete hydro rebuild. ARIENS EZR1742. Install the master cylinder onto its mounting studs on the Hydro-Boost. At pump port. I took the transaxle (Hydro-Gear 718-0255A) out and drained the juice, it looked Tapioca Pudding. Hydro-Gear 52250 O-Ring 137 Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part They were both leaking badly out of the charge pump Hydro-Gear® Transmissions and Pumps Hydro-Gear® Parts, Diagrams and Manuals. Occasionally customers inquire about switching the hydro oil in their new Scag to synthetic. 44775, 45045 new genuine oem hydro gear brake shaft ; rep. Check pump packing and line connections on intake side by pouring hydraulic oil over suspected leak. oil leaking by starter? they have it for oil/ gear boxes, transmission fluid, coolant , you name it, Takes all the guesswork out of tracing leaks, and sometimes Hydraulic Oil for Lifts To make the right choice of hydraulic fluid for your lift, it is important to understand each type of oil. We have no affiliation, real or implied, with Belarus Tractor International, Inc. com is your trusted source for original SCAG parts, accessories and equipment. Depending on the size of the leak, it may be okay to drive with a leaking axle seal, but not for very long. The oil is changed every year with 10-30 and the proper hydro filter that the manual calls for and had no issues whatsoever. Tighten another three-quarters to one turn. Compare Keystone Rv vs Hydro Gear in areas of Product or Service Quality, Staff, Price Affordability. Any use of Belarus or other logos and trademarks used on this site is intended for reference purposes only. I own a Husqvarna Riding mower GTH26V52LS and it seems the Hydra stat is going out in the unit. Field tested and proven, Exmark hydro oil will deliver superior anti-wear protection for any Exmark hydraulic system. A HYDRAULIC PUMP TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE No oil flow from pump. Ferris Hydraulic Oil filters startign as low as $9. Below are the oil and grease maintenance tables for equipment lubrication involving grease and oil for Kubota products. Tips for rebuilding zero-turn hydraulics. Bleed air and check for leaks. NOTE: Whenever the Hydro-Boost is removed the power steering system must be bled. Went to the hydro gear website and found my model under the 310-0510 Hydro gear oil change I was always told Dont change it unless it is leaking or dripping . Click on the pressure washer series or accessory that you are interested in to see the “Exploded View” parts breakdown. It is hydro-gear's liability, whether of warranty, negligence, or otherwise, is limited to the repair or replacement as herein provided or, at hydro-gear's sole option, to a refund of the purchase price. Formulated for combinations of transmission, hydraulic systems, final drives, power take-off systems and wet brakes. 72274 HG71411 Hydrogear ZT Se . The filter unscrews counter clockwise to remove. Transmission Oil (Z425 and Z445) NOTE: Machine is filled with John Deere Low Viscosity HY-GARD® (J20D) transmission oil at the factory. The Gravely® ZT XL features zero-turn performance and best-in-class cutting precision. Hytran is recomended in all tranny's hydro or gear drive (although 30 weight is also recommended in the gear drives). TO JOHN DEERE DEALERS FILING INSTRUCTIONS TM-1351 (APR-88) 130, 160, 165, 175, 180, and 185 Lawn Tractors Discard TM-1351 dated (Feb-87) and replace with this manual dated (Apr-88). maybe there is a hose clamp BlueDevil Products Auto Blog! Got car issues? Well, we've got the answers! Welcome to the BlueDevil Products Auto Blog! Easily search thousands of entries to find exactly what you're looking for. Checked the other side, same. NOTE: Fluid change for the Swedish Riders needs to be performed by a Husqvarna Service Provider due to the complexities of the drive system. Ford N-Series Transmission/Hydraulic Fluid The Full Story by Llamas - N-Series Discussion Forum. I've dealt with 9" and D60's but that is about it. I want to go Oil from the external reservoir and filter is pumped into the closed loop by a charge pump. Have a drain pan ready to catch and discard leaking fluid during disassembly. of SAE 20W50 motor oil ( I later confirmed this with Hydro-Gear). oil hd 32 1. I did not see any metal shavings in the old oil. Fill the oil into the filler until the oil reaches the level of the filler (It will ooze back out. Made excavator. Cub Cadet riding lawnmowers use a hydrostatic transmission to help propel the mower. After that change transmission oil every 250 hours of operation. Related: Ariens Zero Turn/ Broken Frame according to my book, i am supposed to have a tufftorq k46bt transaxle in my mower. My mechanic recommended giving LUCAS ENGINE OIL STOP LEAK a try. - A leak from the vent plug at the side cover indicates failure of the sector shaft oil seal inside the side cover. Lastec, Bad Boy, Bush Hog and Wright Stander what fluid in dana 20 Bronco Tech - Archives. each transaxle holds about 2 quarts of hydro oil. While the Exmark Service Team spends over three months each year personally training our dealers and end-users on how to care for and repair Exmark equipment, we also utilize our 175 years of combined experience to assist from right here at the factory via phone, email or social media every weekday. The manual states that the hydrostatic transmission oil should be "SAE 10w30 engine oil with API classifications of SE, CC or CD" but I don't know what those classifications mean. Bought used a few years ago, always had some hydraulic noise but ran good. Please order by part number. Over the past 25 years Hydro-Gear has built strong and lasting relationships. ; It is coupled to the turbine rotor through a gear coupling. Wipe out the grease to remove the spiral retaining ring. Mind you it was only driven little bits, but should that not be full of gear oil? My first thought was the drive motor is leaking into the gearbox. The formulation of these lubricating oils varies significantly according to their applications in equipment. Oil Seals or Shaft seals are an integral part in any rotating and moving part assembly. Hydrostatic transmissions Today's higher-performing hydro systems require a premium oil to enhance control performance. Understand - ing terminology is very important! It is necessary, and a good shop practice, that Swedish Riders 16 (H), Rider 155, and Rider 175 use 10w-30 non-synthetic engine oil. This is an original hydro gear part that replaces hydro gear part numbers PK3HBQFV1FXXXX AND PK 3HBQ FV1F XXXX. Remove drain plug from bottom of the engine while engine is still somewhat warm (allow plenty of time for engine to cool down so that oil is not hot) to drain oil into oil pan. It is also hydraulic oil that is a lot thinner than gear oil and flows much faster. the gasket was split and a new one has been ordered. AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30. Check to see that oil intake is well below surface of oil in reservoir. 6. of my dealership and they claim that the bushing shouldn't have oil it. Repair or replace worn parts and loose packing. $65. NOTE: Transmission has two oil cavities, one on the hydrostatic transmission side and one on the differential gear side. com Page 2 Hydro Gear Parts or New Units Call 606-678-9623 or 606-561-4983 www. "What Kind of Oil for the Transmission in a Gravely Zero Toro Timecutter Z5000 - Need help with Hydrostatic Tranny. Keep in mind that only about 75% of the hydro oil can be changed at a time. rear main blown, fixed it. Park tractor on a level area, STOP engine, and engage park brake. Closed shut-off valve. Hydro Gear Hydraulic Pump No. To get that performance, Exmark has formulated an oil with twice the shear stability of competing oils. It started  10 Nov 2016 Where is the leak? Coming from the axle shaft seal? Axle seal can be removed without disassembling the transmission, Just remove the hub,  72274 HG71411 Hydrogear ZT Series Charge Pump Kit 71411. My question is a very good friend of mine had the same mower and with very similar hours and his hydra stat just went out. When you check your gear oil as a part of regular inspection, if you find the oil to be milky, it means water has been introduced somewhere. Emerald highly recommends using synthetic oil or synthetic blends in your hydro-seeders and straw mulchers to reduce frequency of oil changes and to eliminate the negative attributes of petroleum based oil. The oil seal is leaking. Been awhile sence I fooled with any of the Hustlers, but if I remember correctly there smaller units use a non servicable sealed hydrostatic pump and wheel motor set up, older units used Mobil 1 synthetic 20w50 motor oil and the newer models followed XMarks lead with a special higher zinc content hydraulic oil to extend pump and motor life, you'll see a plug on top of the pump where you can All hydraulic, and each application eking out that last iota of oil life and performance to save money and the planet. Typically, an API classification SG/CD engine oil is used with a viscosity range equivalent to 20W50. Most standard transmissions though due use gear oil, not automatic John Deere Oil Seal found in: Oil Seal, Cork Flywheel Spacer Washer (oil seal), Full Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals, Engine Gasket Set, WICO Magneto Basic Repair Kit, Brake Repair John Deere, John Deere PTO Clutch Repair,. If this is the case there will be evidence of oil leaking around the seam where the top and bottom housings of the transaxle join or where the axle seals or a shaft comes out of the housing. Hyd oil looks good. 3100 series. 99. Insert a screwdriver into the notch formed in the end of the ring. There is a vent hole with breather hose and also a allen screw that the transmission manual says is the fill hole. Kits are available through auto parts jobbers and GMC/Chevrolet truck dealers. Allis D17 Series 3 Oil Question discussion in the Allis Chalmers forum at Yesterday's Tractors. I had to replace the gears and shaft. Now the question arises, for how much miles a person can drive with the leaking power steering fluid? To get the answer, let’s continue reading it. 7 BDP-10A/21L How to Fill a Cub Cadet Hydro Home Tractor With Hydraulic Fluid By C. Pump leaks: At shaft seal. Bates Corporation has the largest exclusive IH Used & Rebuilt Parts Inventory in North America. An additive for hydraulic systems that stops leaks and increases hydraulic pressure. my mower is only one month out of warranty. Also included is a glossary of terms that are frequently used throughout the industry and in Hydro-Gear service publications. FAQ. on the linkage there is sign of oil leak on the linkage of the hydro pump. Kubota Lubricants Maintenance Tables. I've got a Huskee 22 Ton splitter that has a slow drip leak of hydro fluid. Even where the prop shaft exits the hull, all is clear. He said that they never work out. Smear a small amount of clean oil around the gasket of the hydraulic oil filter, then fill the filter with clean oil. This seemed to fix The only thing similar with the above 3100 series and the BDU-10 series used in your Cub 2544, is they're both made by Hydro-Gear corp. Lu. The DOM can be found on a label to control the oil and block it from leaking between the plate and Hydraulic Gear Pump and Motor Failure Analysis and Repair Guide Page 13 of 32 hydro gear original equipment hydro gear pk-3hdc-gy1c-xxxx (new #) hydro gear pj-3hdc-gy1c-xxxx (old #) bad boy 050-3050-00 country clipper d-3780-02 husqvarna / dixon 18691 / 539122278 hustler 601134: hgpk3hdcgy1cxxx genuine hydro gear pump: $563. Competitive oils may not meet even the minimum performance The Mower graveyard has hydro drive pumps & wheel motors available for most makes of lawn & garden tractor equipment including commercial mowers such as Exmark, Hustler, Woods, Ariens, Gravely, Ferris, John Deere, Scag & more. Pump will not build/hold pressure. Complete Has your pump started leaking? Sometimes a Aftermarket Hydro-Gear Oil Filters Category Image Oil Filters  According to the experts at Today's Mower, there are fives types of drive gear in through either high-pressure rubber or metal hoses; a leak from the hoses or any of recommended oil air temperature range may cause premature hydrostatic  For more information about Hydro-Gear or our products, please contact your Central The oil supply for the hydraulic system of the ZT-4400 is also utilized for is “lost” from the hydraulic loop through leak paths designed into the product for  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak works so well it is guaranteed to make a permanent A reservoir of hydraulic fluid or hydraulic oil; A pump; A series of hoses and  4 Feb 2019 There's no need for gears, and changing speed is smooth and efficient. When the turbine is running at a normal speed of 3000rpm, then the desired quantity of oil to the governing systems and the lubrication systems is supplied by this pump. Re: hydro electric shift gear case solenoids yea i have a feeling its something in the lower unit. Swedish Riders 16 (H), RIder 155, and Rider 175 use 10w-30 non-synthetic engine oil. Transfer case oil leaking up the speedo cable What would cause the transfer case oil to leak up the speedo cable and drip down on my feet from the speedo connection? I just drove about 3 hours on the freeway to meet some friends in the dunes, but I have done that in the past without issue. Fluid is 20W50 motor oil with a max So, when it comes to power steering fluid leak, make sure to drive your car unless you get to any nearest station for replacing the fluid and getting the repair done. the Hydro-Boost unit to the firewall. Machine operates with Plus-50 II engine oil API CJ-4/SN. How to change the filter in transaxle and how much oil to put in transaxle and where to put it? If so, what? 2/3 cup gear oil SAE 8. The transmission uses hydrostatic fluid, which requires replacement at regular intervals to maintain normal operation. Hey guys I have an older 318 with an onan b43e. Rease. PK-3HBQ-FV1F-XXXX. 4. Re: What Oil To Use For Oil Bath Hubs? Yes you can use that The 75w is the weight classification of the oil at room temp and the 90 means it will have the properties of a 90 weight when it heats up. Similarly, a conventional recirculating ball steering gear is usually worn out when oil is leaking from its steering shaft or sector shaft seals. Finding the hydraulic leak can often be a much more challenging task. EXTERNAL OIL LEAKAGE - Finding the location of leak may be difficult, since oil may run away from leak source, the fittings, hoses, pumps, or gear to a low point on the gear or chassis. TC33DA Hydro leak New Holland Tractor Review New Holland Tractor Review Hi all, I'm brand new here. Hydro-gear transmissions are in many of the different mowers on the market. Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. In restrospect that was probably a marginal way to get the old oil out because I couldn't get it all. Most times, the  Mower Deck Gearbox Oil Seals ______ 45 . Oil Leak Around Axle Knuckle? As you can see in the pictures I've included, there is a decent amount of oil built up on the lower portion of the knuckle, on the topside and underside. 0650 It seems as the transmission is leaking a little at a time. (there is a chart with which oil and how much for your mahindra listed with each model of tractor) also, each mahindra model has an oil kit for sale in the filter section with the correct amount for one oil change. The nuts were loose and I tightened them. The passenger's side is completely dry, it's just the driver's side that seems to be leaking oil. The numbers refer only to the viscosity, not to the quality. After few months of uses, it's - Answered by a verified Technician Hydro-Gear products are designed to meet the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. This is If there are no signs of fluid leaks or damage, it may be time to  HOLDS ABOUT 2 QUARTS OF HYDRO OIL. Check oil to see that viscosity is not too low. (there are plenty of those plugged off already) PartsforBelarus. For Atlas above ground lifts, AW-32 (lower number than AW-46) will flow "better" in colder weather than AW-46. But in improving performance, what are the advantages of using synthetic hydrolic oil vs regular oil? Toro Hydraulic pumps, Wheel motors, hydro drive system parts, gasket kits, seal kits. biz! Our Hydro Gear models come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty. com is an independent supplier of replacement parts and accessories for Belarus Tractors. Hydro Gear Seal Kit; Hydro Gear Seal Kit . Fluid leaking from the transfer case. 7 gal, so assumed that’s where the leak is. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! i have a hydro gear transaxle model number 319-0650 and was wondering why my cap vent assembly (part #142917) all of sudden has oil coming out everytime I cut grass Ive had this machine for 12yrs and have never had this happen Does the valve caps ware out or is it something else Please help me I don't want to burn it up from not This article will cover the repair of a Hydro Gear Transaxle 15606 320-2400R which is what is installed in my Ariens EZR 1742 (zero turn). Right here. From what I've read there at the lawnsite forum, the ExMark oil has 1071ppm Zinc @ 1631ppm Phosphorus. Also, Hydro-Gear may not honor its manufacturer warranty (if there is any warranty available or eligible) if this transmission is not installed by one of their authorized dealer. Hydraulic oil came out like a waterfall. 2 million parts online and we're sure to have the part that you need to finish your repair. 5. The unit only has 377 Hrs on the unit. Your Cub has a ~6qt sump, compared to the ~1. To be really sure it is good you would need to open it up and inspecting the hydraulic parts. The new oil goes in through the breather opening up on top, on the crankcase cover. To drain the oil remove the pipe plug on top of the transaxle housing and pour the oil out. Troubleshoot John Deere hydrostatic transmission problems When the pump is full of air instead of oil, it can't generate the pressure needed to provide power. Shop with confidence. Use a Cub Cadet filter, or the correctly cross referenced hydraulic filter like the Fleet Guard HF6096 Did your Hydro-Gear model 311-0510 transaxle/transmission, tractor break down? SAVE money and repair it yourself! We are here to help - over 94 genuine Hydro-Gear repair and replacement parts that are hassle free and guaranteed to fit every time! Fluids used with Hydro-Gear products should be careful- ly selected with assistance from a reputable supplier. It could cause hydro-lock by leaking into cylinder. Mower with not move at times in forward or reverse. Anyone have any ideas as to whats going on. So the diff is leaking. No oil anywhere. Worldwide shipping. As for the swing gear oil, I’ve added about a gallon or little more in the last 20 hrs, and capacity is . hydro gear leaking oil

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